Welcome to the Official Upolu Airport (UPP) Website

Upolu Airport is a small general aviation airport located 3 miles northwest of Hawi.  It covers 82 acres and has one runway, 7-25, which is 3,800 feet x 75 feet long. UPP has no aviation services.

In the early days of aviation in Hawaii, Upolu Airport was an airstrip known as Suiter Field,  The U.S. Signal Corps maintained a communication station there.  Inter-Island Airways, which began passenger service in 1929, used the field as an emergency stop on its route to Hilo, as well as to provide air service to the district of Kohala.

Suiter Field was maintained by the Territory of Hawaii with FERA and WPA funds prior to 1937.  From 1937 to 1939, additional WPA funds were expended in extending the runway to 3,500 feet and in making other improvements to the installation.

For more information on Upolu Airport contact the Hawaii Airport District Manager at (808) 327-9520 or email dot.air.hawaii@hawaii.gov.