Operational Changes at KOA

Posted on Mar 26, 2020 in Main

The following changes are effective Thursday, March 26, 2020:

  • Checkpoint 1 (Terminal 1, North) will be closed until further notice. All departing passengers will be screened at Checkpoint 2 (Terminal 2, South). Those passengers with flights departing from Gates 1-5 in Terminal 1, North will be allowed to transition from the south to the north using the newly completed terminal modernization program promenade. (See video)
  • The restaurant, gift shop and newsstand in Terminal 1, North will be closed.
  • Water fountain and restrooms are available in Terminal 1, North.
  • No change for arriving passengers.
  • Social distancing is expected but cannot be vigorously enforced.
  • The Laniakea restaurant by Centerplate will maintain hours commensurate with flight schedules. Social distancing is expected; no table seating. Restaurant open in Terminal 1, South terminal only.
  • 14-day quarantine procedures will be in force at arrival gates for all flights arriving from outside the State of Hawaii.