Persons With Disabilities

Molokai Airport is a small terminal with the ticket counters, security and baggage claim areas all on the ground level.  Passengers with disabilities are able to move through the airport facilities with ease. Passengers with disabilities will find Molokai Airport wheelchair accessible, although prior planning is advisable to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.


Aircraft boarding is from the ground level using portable stairs.  Passengers with mobility impairments are provided with boarding lift service, which may be arranged through the airlines.

Travel Tips

The Department of Health Disability and Communication Access Board offers these tips for travelers with disabilities.

Accessible Curbside Loading and Unloading Zones

Accessible loading and unloading zones are available in front of the terminal for active loading and unloading only.  Vehicles may not be left unattended.

Accessible Parking Spaces

Accessible parking spaces are available in the public parking lots for persons with valid placards.


Accessible men’s and women’s restrooms are available.  Currently, there are no family/unisex restrooms at this airport.

Text Telephones (TTYs)

A  text telephone for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing is available in the terminal lobby.


Wheelchairs are available through your airline; however, prior arrangements are necessary to ensure availability.

Motorized Wheelchairs

Each airline will provide information on specific procedures for storage of wheelchairs and wet-cell batteries.


Complaint Procedure

Information regarding the Airport’s ADA Policy, Procedures and Complaint form can be found on the State of Hawaii, DOT website.


Visitor Information Program (VIP)

VIP staff is available to provide travelers with assistance and visitor information.  For more information, you may call the VIP staff at (808) 872-3890.