Persons With Disabilities

Kalaupapa Airport is a small one room terminal facility.  Passengers with disabilities will generally find Kaulapapa to be wheelchair accessible, although prior planning is advisable to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. Entry level boarding to the plane is not available.

Accessible Parking Spaces
Accessible parking spaces are available.

Ground Transportation
Ground transportation is provided by tour operators.  Inform them of your special needs when making your reservations.

Motorized Wheelchairs
Each airline will provide information on specific procedures for storage of wheelchairs and wet cell batteries.

Accessible men’s and women’s restroom are available in the terminal.

Complaint Procedure
Information regarding the Airport’s ADA Policy, Procedures and Complaint form can be found on the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation ADA website

Visitor Information Program
For visitor information, you may call (808) 872-3890.