Kalaeloa Airport Identification Badge

A new JRF ID badge has been created to improve safe and convenient access and use of Kalaeloa Airport consistent with Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 19, Chapter 14, Public Conduct at Public Airports. Effective December 1,2020, a JRF ID or HNL AOA/SIDA badge will be required for unrestricted access, identification, and escort privileges on Kalaeloa Airport.

The application and issuance process for JRF ID badges will begin this month. All Kalaeloa Airport General Aviation tenant leaseholders and business/govemment/organization tenants and their employees/members on Kalaeloa Airport will need to apply for a JRF ID badge. Holders of a HNL AOA/SIDA badge do not need to apply for a JRF ID badge, as those HNL badges will be equally valid at Kalaeloa Airport. Those govenunent or military employees/members assigned to Kalaeloa Airport or a unit on the adjacent USCG or HIARNG facilities with an active mission on the airport also do not need a JRF ID badge as their official issued ID can be used while on duty.

The badge policies and procedures are included with the JRF ID application form and will be emailed to all JRF General Aviation tenant leaseholders and business/govemment/organization tenants. The application only requires name, address, phone number, email address and an acknowledgement signature. Employee/member applications must also be endorsed by the sponsoring business/govemment agency/organization in order to be processed.

After the signed application is received and processed, the applicant will be contacted to schedule a brief appointment at the Kalaeloa Airport Manager’s Office for the photo and badge issuance.

If you have any questions after receiving your application, please contact Mr. Jeffrey Sawyer, Assistant Airport Superintendent, at (808) 425-4385.