Motorcycle – Moped Parking

HNL offers parking for motorcycles/mopeds at five locations:motorcycle moped

  • International Parking Structure – Ground level in the center of the garage.
  • Overseas Parking Structure – East end of structure.
  • Overseas Parking Structure – West end of structure.
  • Interisland Parking Structure – Fourth Level.
  • Commuter Terminal – North end of the parking lot.

There is a charge for motorcycle/moped parking.


There are designated parking areas for motorcycle/moped monthly parking at the following locations:

  • International parking structure in the basement level at the center of the garage.  MONTHLY PARKING ONLY.
  • Overseas parking structure on the East and West corners on the ground level.   MONTHLY PARKING ONLY.
  • Commuter Terminal on the North end of the parking lot.  MONTHLY PARKING ONLY.

Monthly Parking fee is $50.00


Motorcycle/moped parking by the hour/day is available in the InterIsland Parking structure in the Northeast corner on the fourth level.  Hourly/Daily only parking rate is $1.00 for 2-hours and $5.00 maximum per day via payment box.  NO MONTHLY PARKING is available in the Interisland Terminal.
For a map to the designated motorcycle/moped parking areas, click here.