Traveling with Pets

Dog in carrier


As policies relating to the transportation of pets vary by airline and time of year, please contact your airline directly for details.

Animals in the Airport

No person may enter any airport terminal building with any animal or reptile, except:

  • A service animal being used by a person with a disability;
  • An animal or reptile properly confined for shipment with or by an air carrier, provided the animal or reptile is authorized by law to be in the state; and
  • Any animals, accompanied by properly authorized law enforcement personnel specially trained for emergencies such as aircraft, vehicle or vessel disasters or for use in law enforcement such as the discovery of drugs and other contraband.

Bringing Your Pet to Hawaii

Hawaii has strict animal quarantine rules.  For more information, please visit the HDOA’s Animal Quaratine page.

You may also e-mail, call or write to the Animal Quarantine Station, 99-951 Halawa Valley Street, Aiea, Hawaii 96701-3246.  Telephone (808) 483-7151 Fax (808) 483-7161.   E-mail:  [email protected] or [email protected].

GuideServiceDogGuide/Service Dogs

Guide/Service dogs are not considered “pets“.

Guide/Service dogs may qualify for modified State of Hawaii rabies quarantine import requirements under strictly enforced conditions.  For more information, please visit the HDOA’s Guide and Service Dogs page.  You may also e-mail, call or write the Animal Quarantine Station, 99-951 Halawa Valley Street, Aiea, Hawaii 96701-3246.  Telephone (808) 483-7151 Fax (808) 483-7161.  E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected].


ServiceAndTransitAnimalReliefAreaService and Transit Animal Relief Area

HNL has a fully fenced in grassy area under palm trees between the International Parking Garage and Terminal 2 Parking Garage where service animals, pets in transit and working airport animals can take a potty break.

HNL provides fresh water, plastic bags and a trash receptacle for handlers/owners. The areas are partially enclosed with a low fence and are identified by signs. We encourage the use of these areas and request that owner tidy up after their pets.

While the area is fully enclosed, the airport requires all animals to remain leashed and under the direct control of its owner/handler.

HNL has additional Service and Transit Animal Relief Stations in the Sterile area.  They are located at Terminal 1  ground level, in the C.B. Lansing Garden and in Terminal 2 ground level in the Hawaiian Garden. In addition, Terminal 3 has an Animal Relief Station also.

Animal Relief area in Terminal 1 Ground Level C.B. Lansing Garden


Animal Relief area in Terminal 2 Ground Level Hawaiian Garden

Report inappropriate and/or suspicious activities to Airport Security at 836-6641.  For emergencies, call 836-6670.

For a map to the Relief Area, click here.

Helpful Numbers

State Airport Animal Quarantine
HNL Holding Facility
(808) 837-8092

State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Animal Quarantine Station Halawa
(808) 483-7151