TSA Checkpoint Hours

The TSA checkpoint hours as of May 22, 2024 are listed below and Subject to Change without notice.

CP 1A (Mauka)0615-14150615-14150615-14150615-14150615-14150615-14150615-1415
CP 1B (Makai)0415-22150415-22150415-22150415-22150415-22150415-22150415-2215
CP 2As neededAs neededAs neededAs neededAs neededAs neededAs needed
CP 30430-23300430-23300430-23300430-23300430-23300430-23300430-2330
CP 40515-21000515-21000515-21000515-21000515-21000515-21000515-2100
CP 51015-13001015-13001015-13001015-13001015-13001015-13001015-1300

Checkpoint 1A:

  • 0615-1415 daily; 1-6 lanes
  • Standard passengers only

Checkpoint 1B:

  • 0415-2215 daily; 1-4 lanes
  • Dedicated TSA PreCheck 0415-2215; 1-2 lanes

Checkpoint 2:

  • Will be open to the public on an as needed basis from 1015-1300 based on passenger volume.

Checkpoint 3:

  • 0400-0430 daily for airport employees ONLY.
  • 0430-2330 daily; 1-6 lanes
  • Dedicated TSA PreCheck as needed (Lane 6; 0515-0615, or as needed, and 1430-2330)

Checkpoint 4:

  • 5:15am to 9:00pm daily; 1-2 lanes
  • Dedicated TSA Precheck is open

Checkpoint 5:

  • Will be open to the public on an as needed basis from 10:15am to 2:00pm, based on passenger volume

Known Crew Member: Please visit, http://www.knowncrewmember.org, for current KCM access points and hours.

diagram of daniel k inouye international airport terminal map showing checkpoint numbering identifier