Agriculture Inspection


The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture requires passengers arriving at HNL with plants, animals, and any agricultural materials to declare them on the Agricultural Declaration Form distributed in-flight to Hawaii.  Travelers must complete and return the form.

Plant quarantine inspectors are stationed in the baggage claim area to examine all agricultural items.

The Department of Agriculture also requires dogs and cats be quarantined and special permits to be obtained for other pets.  Additional information can be found at the State of Hawaii, Department of Agriculture Animal Quarantine page

Additional information can be found at the USDA APHIS Imports & Exports page.


Passengers checking in for a flight to a destination in the Continental United States (Mainland) must be processed through a United States (U.S.) Department of Agriculture inspection.

All baggage are pre-flight inspected by the US Department of Agriculture.  Inspection stations for check-in baggage are located in front of or at the airline check-in counters.  All hand carried articles will be inspected at security check points.  Please be prepared to open and close your baggage and parcels during the x-ray machine inspection process.

Restrictions on the movement of fruits, plants, live snails, and other items from Hawaii to the Mainland are enforced to prevent the spread of fruit flies and other hazardous plant insects and diseases.  Please report all agricultural items in your possession to the agricultural inspectors.

For general information call the U. S. Department of Agriculture at (808) 834-3220.  For questions on foreign flights call (808) 834-3240.

Additional information can be found at the USDA APHIS Hawaiian Products page.


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